Thomas & Char Feuchter - Owners
Thomas & Char Feuchter – Owners

1975 Ernie Buys: Barb Cries (Barb and Ernie’s Opens)
1976 Closed the pool hall – now a dining room.
1977 Bought the building – youngest child born – Nicole.
1978 Dining Room renovation is completed.
1979 First Holiday – a whopping four days.
1981 Bought two restaurants downtown (BIG MISTAKE):
Chris Morris – our longest time employee joins us.
1982 Struggle with high interest rates: Fay, our bookkeeper, joins us.
1983 Disaster Strikes (two downtown restaurants go bankrupt):
Barb threatens divorce.
1984 Trying to keep Barb and Ernie’s Restaurant.
1985 White Knight saves the day.
1986 First major renovation inside the restaurant.
1988  First outside renovation.
1990  First Grandchild born: Mark.
1991  Midlife Crisis: Ernie wants more kids (four kids already)
Barb says “over my dead body”.
1992  Ernie’s first T.V. appearance – Barb and Ernie go to Africa.
1993  Renovated the dining room – new German mural by
Ernie’s stepfather. Brandon is born (second grandchild)
1995  Major renovation to outside based on Barb’s Design.
1997  Major offer to sell the business: Barb says “No Way”.
1998  New furniture for the restaurant.
1999  Sank a houseboat in the Shuswaps.
2000  Construction Fiasco on 99 street – business drops.
2001  Grand Re-Opening October 23, 2000 – this year becomes a record year.

BE_Restaurant_07sm2002 Another record year. Six weeks backpacking in Europe.
Third grandson is born: Tyee.
2004  Fourth Grandson, Julian, is born.
2005 30th Anniversary of Barb and Ernie’s Old Country Inn
2006 Six weeks in Europe with whole family.
2007 Fifth Grandson born: Noah.
2008 Barb and Ernie semi-retire and take a three month trip from
London to Singapore.
2009 Barb and Ernie’s oldest son, Thomas, buys Barb and Ernie’s
2010 We finally get a Granddaughter: Alexandria is born in London,
2011 Barb and Ernie retire – Chris Morris is with us for thirty years.
First “Eat for the Cause” Fundraiser on Canada Day raises over
5000.00 for the Red Cross
2012 Two Grandsons born, Joshua in Edmonton & Ethan in London,
2012 Interior Renovations begin.